rudolf samohejl


Rudolf Samohejl  (1987, České Budějovice ) is investigating collective memories related to space, commemorations and the way we experience burdened spots and spaces. One of the things he’s exploring at this moment in particular is public statues.
In Luycks Gallery he will show digital registrations of those investigations, both in ‘the butcher’s house’ and ‘the basement’.  In the show case he built an installation concerning a project he developed for Cultural Night in Tilburg.
Rudolf Samohejl lives and works in Brussels and Prague and was awarded several times, i.e. with the Jan Naaijkenaward in Kunstpodium T Tilburg.


Easel for Josef M�nes / Stojan pro Josefa M�nesa | 2016 I 1 : 16 model of dialogical sculpture | plaster, glue, wood, painted MDF |40 x 75 x 33 cm

Can Sculptures See in Colour? / Mů�ou sochy vidět barevně? | 2016 I HD video, colour, sound (5 min)